Battery Group Size 49: Things one must know about

In today’s fast-paced world, having a reliable and efficient vehicle battery is crucial for ensuring smooth and hassle-free driving experiences. One such battery group size that has gained popularity among car owners and automotive enthusiasts is Group Size 49. This battery size is slightly larger than the Group Size 48, with dimensions measuring 13.94 inches in length, 6.94 inches in width, and 7.5 inches in height. Known for its high cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC), Group Size 49 batteries have proven to be a suitable choice for vehicles with higher electrical demands or those exposed to colder climates. In this article, we will delve deeper into the advantages and disadvantages of Group Size 49 batteries and explore some of the most popular options available in the market.

Battery Group Size 49: Things one must know about

Advantages of Battery Group Size 49:

  1. High CCA rating: The high cold cranking amps make Group 49 batteries ideal for vehicles that require a lot of cranking power or are used in cold weather conditions.
  2. Increased reserve capacity: The larger size of Group 49 batteries allows for an increased reserve capacity, providing longer-lasting power for vehicles with high electrical demands or numerous accessories.
  3. Versatility: Group 49 batteries are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including luxury sedans, SUVs, and trucks, making them a popular choice for many car owners.

Disadvantages of Battery Group Size 49:

  1. Size limitations: Due to their larger dimensions, Group 49 batteries may not fit in all vehicles or battery compartments, requiring car owners to ensure compatibility before purchasing.
  2. Weight: Group 49 batteries are typically heavier than Group 48 batteries, which could contribute to increased fuel consumption and decreased vehicle performance.
  3. Price: The larger size and higher capacity of Group 49 batteries may result in a higher price compared to other battery group sizes.

Popular Group Size 49 Batteries:

  1. Hella H84994041 AGM Battery – Known for its high performance and durability, this battery offers excellent cold cranking amps and reserve capacity.
  2. ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery – This battery provides reliable power and a long service life, making it suitable for extreme weather conditions and high electrical demands.
  3. Exide Edge FP-AGML4/94R Flat Plate AGM Sealed Automotive Battery – With its high CCA rating and reserve capacity, this battery is ideal for vehicles with high electrical demands or those used in cold climates.
  4. Varta Silver Dynamic AGM Battery – This battery offers high performance, excellent cold cranking amps, and a long service life, making it a popular choice among car owners.
  5. Bosch S6590B S6 AGM Battery – Known for its maintenance-free design and high reserve capacity, this battery is ideal for vehicles with high electronic loads.


In conclusion, Battery Group Size 49 offers numerous advantages, making it an attractive option for many car owners who require a battery with a high CCA rating, increased reserve capacity, and versatility. However, it is essential to consider the potential size limitations, weight, and price when deciding if a Group 49 battery is the right choice for your vehicle. As we have highlighted some popular Group 49 battery options, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and consult professionals before making a decision. By doing so, you can ensure that you invest in a battery that best suits your vehicle’s needs and requirements, ultimately providing you with a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.